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Posted 06 November 2011 - 04:10 PM

Rescued from 9GC, all credit goes to aprolla23.


Engine Type: 2ZZ-GE 1.8L I-4 with VVTL-I (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Intelligence). The 2ZZ-GE engine was developed by Toyota in collaboration with Yamaha Motorsports Japan (Yes, Yamaha as in Yamaha motorcycles).
The 2ZZ puts out close to 100 HP per liter of displacement and has one of the best power-to-weight ratios in its class. The XRS does not have an electronic DBW (drive by wire) throttle system like the 05-08 Corolla CE, LE and S have now primarily to maintain a quick and instantaneous throttle response by using the mechanical cable driven throttle system.
The 04-06 Matrix XRS and 05/06 Corolla XRS 2ZZ-GE engine has been detuned to deliver more midrange torque as compared to the 03 Matrix XRS/Celica GT-S 2ZZ-GE versions. As a result, the re-tuned 2ZZ-GE engine achieves 130 ft lbs of torque @ 6800 rpm in Celica GT-S/03 Matrix XRS 2ZZ-GE.
Also, the 2ZZ-GE engine and 6-speed transmission were licensed to one of the best roadsters ever developed... The Lotus Elise


What is this "Lift" thing that everyone’s talking about?
Lift is in the 2zz engines built by Toyota. It’s the 6200 to 8200 rpm range where the engine gets a sudden surge of power accelerating the car at a much faster rate. An approximate 40hp jump.
The 2zz engines are in the Toyota Celica GT-S and Toyota Matrix XRS. Lift is more lengthy in the manual transmission cars because they rev all the way to 8200rpms versus the automatic Transmission which only goes to an estimated 7900rpms before redlining. IE the engine cuts out and ceases to accelerate temporarily.
Click here for more info

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Horsepower: 170hp @ 7,600rpm
Torque: 127lb torque @ 4,000rpm.
Lift Engagement point: 6,800rpm
Redline RPM: 8200rpm
Displacement: (cc) 1795
Bore x Stroke; (mm) 82 x 85
Compression; 11.5
Valve Train; DOHC 4 Chain Driven VVTL-i
Aspiration: natural
Cylinder Block: Aluminum w/MMC liner
Bore Pitch: (mm) 87.5
Bore wall: (mm) 5.5
Valve Dia.: (mm) Int 34 Exh 29
Max Power: 135kw/7600rpm
Max Torque: 180Nm/6800rpm
Size: (LxWxH) (mm) 652 x 608 x 659
Dry weight: 115kg


Manual 6-Speed
1st 3.166
2nd 2.050
3rd 1.481
4th 1.166
5th 0.916
6th 0.725
Reverse 3.250
Differential Ratio 4.529


Use 5W-30 Regular Toyota Oil and Filter until at least 8,000 miles. After that use 5W-30 or 10W-30 Synthetic oil for best results.
GAS TIPS: Use minimum of Octane 91 or higher (Octane 93 and 94 give better performance and smoothness according to many observations). Warning: DO NOTuse regular Octane 87/89 for a high revving engine with a high compression for the sake of saving a few bucks since apart from substantial power loss, it can cause pre-detonation where the gas might detonate in the piston chamber well before it was supposed and can cause the motor to blow up.
TRANSMISSION OIL TIPS: Good results have been found with multiple brands.
Newly found Neo Gear Oil, showing good results.


Yes, exterior, wheels, interior, shifters will all fit. The only differences of the XRS are in the motor/transmission and related parts.

Performance Mods: K&N Typhoon SRI, Megan Racing coilovers, DC Sports strut bar, Alutec lightweight crank pulley, R1 Concepts cross-drilled/slotted rotors, Hawk HPS pads, NRG voltage stabilizer/grounding kit, Optima Red Top battery

Other Mods: Chrome w/black mesh grille, H9 chrome projector headlights, 5000K 35W HIDs, 2nd gen Altis LED tails, AVS window visors, stubby antenna, Tc armrest, Räzo quick-shift knob, Enkei Super 7 18" wheels, Avital remote start w/ trunk pop & lock/unlock, LED Swap: every single bulb replaced w/ LEDs (interior & exterior), plus engine bay LEDs and under-dash LED bars

Coming soon: JP header, Vibrant axle-back exhaust, high-flow catalytic converter, Weapon-R oil catch can, TRD CAI

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