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Announcement: **FORUM RULES**

Posted by hughesjasonk


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First and foremost, if you are having a problem validating your account please post in the "Welcome, Introduce yourself" section.

Not following the rules will result in a warning, post being closed, or even a ban.

1. Before posting in the For Sale Section, Read the Ga Damn For Sale Rules. Here is a link -----> (CLICK HERE)

2. Signature size limit is 800W x 250H so don't go ANY BIGGER, only one image is allowed.

3. The DIY are for DIY and questions, please do not bump the thread with unnecessary post. They will be DELETED.

4. Do not harass the new people, if they have a question that has been repeated 500x just point them to the right direction and a moderator will close their thread.

5. Multiple accounts will not be tolerated, Administrators / Moderators will ban all of your accounts, no warning will be given.

6. Double, Triple or more posting will all be merged and then a warning will be given. Please do not spam the community with unneeded post.

7. Do not advertise unless authorized to do so.

8. Stay on topic. If you would like to chit chat about whatever move the conversation to an off topic chat thread.

More rules will be posted in due time.

Administrators and Moderators have the right to change the rules at anytime without notice.