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Personal Toyota Techstream

27 Sep 2014

Posted by MoarLow in General DIY
Anyone interested in having their own techstream on their personal computer or windows tablet? I found this cable on eBay called Mini VCI OBDII cable for Toyota. It comes with newish version of techstream and the drivers for the usb OBDII cable. I purchased three, one for my self and the other tw...

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New Moderators

25 Aug 2014

Posted by hughesjasonk in News
Everybody please welcome two new staff members to the team... gte and dmsyr.

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DIY: Broken Gas tank strap repair/replace

18 Aug 2014

Posted by MoarLow in Exterior
Probably many of you had your rear heat shield bolt come straight out of the gas tank strap. Leaving you with a super annoying heat shield rattle. Hopefully this should help many of you DIY'ers out there. It's fairly simple to do, you only need a couple of hand tools. Having access to som...

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DIY: Rear camber shim install

18 Jun 2014

Small write up with pictures for the group buy rear camber shims. PM me if you have any questions. Start with removing the rear wheels Remove the four 12mm bolts on the rear. I didn't remove the rotor or caliper doing this. It might be easier for some to remove some brake components to ma...

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C9 Business Cards

30 May 2014

Posted by hughesjasonk in News
People have asked for the C9 Business Card to promote the site. Here it is. Down load it and print out as many as you want. CLICK HERE FOR THE BUSINESS CARDS

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DIY: Catback exhaust install

30 Apr 2014

Hey guys! I'm back from a long hiatus with a DIY for you all, and a pretty simple one that really shouldn't take all that long (assuming you have access to some power tools). I'm going to go through the steps needed to install a Magnaflow catback exhaust system (or any other catba...

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DIY Oil Catch Can

29 Mar 2014

Simple oil catch can for whom ever is interested. Harbor frieght was the cheapest I found compared to Home Depot and Lowes. I used a air compressor mini filter as my oil catch can. Spent ~ $12 Not responsible if you fail haha. Have fun Tools needed: 10 mm socket Ratchet Plier Razor blade or...

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Add A Rear TOW HOOK TO Your Rolla The Easy Way

19 Jan 2014

Posted by bboy in Exterior
Here is an easy installation procedure for a REAR TOW HOOK for a 9th Gen Toyota Corolla. I used this on my 2006 XRS and had It installed in about 20 minutes. I recommend this for looks only and not for towing. Begin by logging on to JDM Password.com and purchase the Password: JDM Billet Aluminum...

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DIY: Quick Release Steering Wheel Install

11 Jan 2014

Posted by BSPRolla23 in Interior
* Please understand, you are doing this install at your own risk. I am not responsible if you damage something or if you have any safety related accidents. I will do my best to describe each step properly* Tools Needed: 3/8 Ratchet w/extension 19mm socket (for Steering wheel nut) 1...

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DIY: Easy & Cheap way to clean Interior cloth seats

25 Jul 2013

Posted by Piratewilly in Interior
Are your seats looking nasty? Do they smell pretty bad? Want to clean them but don't want to pay somebody a lot of money and dont want to rent an expensive shampooer? Well your in luck. There is a process that detailers have been using for years that is cheap and really works. It requires ver...

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